29 July 2015

From my sketchbook, redesigned in Photoshop.

08 July 2015

Welcome pic

Working on my new website: biancameier.de!
It's still under construction, no illustration work section yet, because I am slowly figuring out how everything works. Feel free to take a look and enjoy the more structured presentation of my work. The website is built with help from my friend Franzi and the free cms indexhibit.

07 May 2015

Giant panda/bamboo cover

Another illustration for a Kosmos experimental set: it's for the cover of a bamboo cultivation set for kids. 
The Kosmos page says it's available from May this year, so it think it's ok to show the final illustration and the sketch now. 
I used Photoshop for sketching and coloring and Manga Studio for the outlines.

07 April 2015

Squirrel gif/flipbook

One idea from Fork was a squirrel, sliding down the christmas tree, getting electrified while biting in the light chain. I thought it would be funny to give it a rubberhose animation style and look. So Daniel made this lovely character design and animation and they loved it. Thanks mate!

24 February 2015

Sketches for gif/flipbook work

First draft from the character design work for the "Hipster" gif/flipbook from last year. Definitely not at all hipster enough! The initial idea was to grow a beard, then it changed to making the guy turn into Santa Claus and then I had the idea about this geeky hipster getting sucked in by his smartphone... and Santa popping up.

15 January 2015

Ho ho ho

One of the gifs I made for Fork Unstable Media 's christmas campaign. Their clients could choose from two gif versions and received a real printed flipbook version of the selected gif. That was fun, so thanks for the nice animation job!
My dear friend Daniel made some of the effects animation and helped me out with the second gif. I will show it in another post, I feel that two endlessly looping gifs next to each other are a little bit stressful to watch.
Eines der Gifs, die ich für Fork Unstable Medias Weihnachtsaktion gemacht habe.
Die Kunden konnten zwischen zwei Gifs wählen und bekamen es später als gedrucktes Daumenkino zugeschickt.
Sehr schöne Idee und hat echt Spaß gemacht. Daniel musste mir mit Animation aushelfen, da nur ein paar Tage zur Verfügung standen. Das zweite Gif gibts dann im nächsten Post, irgendwie ist das so direkt nebeneinander zu anstrengend anzusehen.