26 March 2014

AFX simple walkcycle

I finally started with some after effects animation, with the help of this guy on youtube:
I can totally recommend his tutorials, he's doing a great job with these, so watch and learn, NOW!

17 March 2014

"Ctrl+Z!!!" or watercoloring evening at Ell's place

Do they look familiar to you? It's them again!
Leaving the comfort zone looks pretty good, nevertheless Ell insisted
on demanding a `ctrl+z`button.
Had another great evening at Ell's and Rino's place with some other guys from Animation School, lots of snacks and sweets. It comes as no surprise that I painted something food related :)

We were missing the presence of some watercolor pros, but we all agreed that it was fun to do some analogue painting and chatting along in a group instead of sitting alone in front of a screen.