26 August 2013

For K.

This tough girl likes "running" down buildings, dancing salsa, taking photographs and is a wonderful companion by the way.

23 August 2013

New Conni app available

Illustration by Thomas Polajnar

Yesterday I received the happy mail that the new Conni app is finally in the App Store.
It's developed for first-graders to train math skills in a joyfull way.
I made the character designs and animations of the mice and the bat. The finished app has a beautiful look and is filled with lovingly created details.
It was definitely a pleasure to work for the guys from wpMediendesign, and will hopefully be continued in another project soon!

20 August 2013

Happy birthday!!!

Congratulations to my friends in Nuremberg, who gave birth to a baby boy on my birthday!!! Great choice of an uncommon name. I know you don't look that Disneyesque and my imagination had to help me out for all unknown facts like eyecolors, height etc.
It's been years we met in real life, so it's time to come around to get to know the whole family :D