30 April 2013

Back from ITFS

That was impressive! I have never seen so many people crowding a public place like the "Schlossplatz" in Stuttgart, just for the open air movie screenings. Here's the link to get an idea about what I mean. But I'm sure it's just because of the lack of sunny weather here in Northern Germany that there is no place like this.

I enjoyed most the studio presentations and the look inside their projects and work: Headless Productions with Victor Maldonado, Studio Soi with Jakob Schuh and Tumblehead with Peter Smith and Magnus Moller (don't know how to make this danish crossed o, sorry). 

We weren't successfull in sneaking in the Joseph Gilland workshop at FMX, but we met him later at the Café. Too bad we missed the David Silverman presentation!

Our film "Klops" didn't win the "Cartoon for teens" category and hopefully we will return next year with a new film that has more than 24 hours production time, so we'll have a real chance. Next festival screening is in May at Golden Kuker in Sofia, Bulgaria and the dates for screenings in June are here.

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