21 March 2013

Posing in 3d

Here are some of my attempts to get a 3d character in pose. In fact this can't be called a pose, it's just a deformation of the leg to show that it finally worked (which can't be taken for granted). It's my third or fourth attempt, first I tried Maya with a basic rig on my 3d caterpillar character, then I switched to Modo and went through the "Fireboy Tutorial". Well, it looks so simple, but you can make a mess out of it. The fireboy was both enlightening and disappointing, the posetool didn't work in the file I created and I have no chance to figure out why. When I move something with posetool active, everything slows down until it's stuck, no controlled movement possible. All I wanted to do was moving a 3d model in a different than the default t-pose. So I went back to the start and took a simple character, my cartoon dog.

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