21 March 2013

Posing in 3d

Here are some of my attempts to get a 3d character in pose. In fact this can't be called a pose, it's just a deformation of the leg to show that it finally worked (which can't be taken for granted). It's my third or fourth attempt, first I tried Maya with a basic rig on my 3d caterpillar character, then I switched to Modo and went through the "Fireboy Tutorial". Well, it looks so simple, but you can make a mess out of it. The fireboy was both enlightening and disappointing, the posetool didn't work in the file I created and I have no chance to figure out why. When I move something with posetool active, everything slows down until it's stuck, no controlled movement possible. All I wanted to do was moving a 3d model in a different than the default t-pose. So I went back to the start and took a simple character, my cartoon dog.

20 March 2013

Klops festival screenings

Next date for a "Klops" screening will be the ITFS 2013 April 25 at 5:00 pm, Metropol 1 in Stuttgart. We will be there so please feel free to come by and say hello!

Klops is also in the "super short" competition at "Golden Kuker Sofia International Animation Film Fest" in May and "Mo&Friese Kinder KurzfilmFestival Hamburg" in June. I think Sofia is a little bit too far to attend, but I will post the Hamburg screening date as soon as we get informed.

11 March 2013

BG wip

Trying out some watercolor look for a project.