04 December 2013

Candy christmas

It's Juicefoozle's submission for the Yule Log 2.0 project and his first animation short.

You can enjoy the full experience if you start with the first video on the Yule Log website and click the 'play all' button.

21 November 2013

Here we go

I made portraits of us, the georgeous three, for a little fun project.
I like how cheerful we look in this pic! We are such a good team, we should join forces more often :)

Edit: The portraits were not used, but nonetheless it was fun to make them. 

15 October 2013

Haven't posted anything for weeks and felt very guilty.
I haven't made anything new, so here is a characterdesign I made a while ago and updated today. It's actually based on my beloved boyfriend and maybe will appear in his new webshop that is under construction, we'll see.
For my excuse, I started working on illustrations for Kosmos Verlag. They are very well known for board games like "The Settlers of Catan" and their huge range of experimental kits for children and teenagers. I'm working on digitally handdrawn illustrations for the manuals and I am very happy to be commissioned, it's actually a very nice job.

26 August 2013

For K.

This tough girl likes "running" down buildings, dancing salsa, taking photographs and is a wonderful companion by the way.

23 August 2013

New Conni app available

Illustration by Thomas Polajnar

Yesterday I received the happy mail that the new Conni app is finally in the App Store.
It's developed for first-graders to train math skills in a joyfull way.
I made the character designs and animations of the mice and the bat. The finished app has a beautiful look and is filled with lovingly created details.
It was definitely a pleasure to work for the guys from wpMediendesign, and will hopefully be continued in another project soon!

20 August 2013

Happy birthday!!!

Congratulations to my friends in Nuremberg, who gave birth to a baby boy on my birthday!!! Great choice of an uncommon name. I know you don't look that Disneyesque and my imagination had to help me out for all unknown facts like eyecolors, height etc.
It's been years we met in real life, so it's time to come around to get to know the whole family :D

20 July 2013

Next one

The bear is not finished yet, too furry :)
Meanwhile another sketch I took as painting exercise.
I am not sure where to place shadows properly, so any feedback is much appreciated.

25 June 2013

Sketches from our short trip to the Baltic Sea

Locations: Grömitz, Kellenhusen, Lensterstrand, Grube, Cismar monestary.

15 June 2013

"Nollies" trailer

Clean up job from last summer for an animated series trailer called "Nollies"
("Die Berglinge"). Click on the picture to see the video.

25 May 2013

06 May 2013

30 April 2013

Back from ITFS

That was impressive! I have never seen so many people crowding a public place like the "Schlossplatz" in Stuttgart, just for the open air movie screenings. Here's the link to get an idea about what I mean. But I'm sure it's just because of the lack of sunny weather here in Northern Germany that there is no place like this.

I enjoyed most the studio presentations and the look inside their projects and work: Headless Productions with Victor Maldonado, Studio Soi with Jakob Schuh and Tumblehead with Peter Smith and Magnus Moller (don't know how to make this danish crossed o, sorry). 

We weren't successfull in sneaking in the Joseph Gilland workshop at FMX, but we met him later at the Café. Too bad we missed the David Silverman presentation!

Our film "Klops" didn't win the "Cartoon for teens" category and hopefully we will return next year with a new film that has more than 24 hours production time, so we'll have a real chance. Next festival screening is in May at Golden Kuker in Sofia, Bulgaria and the dates for screenings in June are here.

18 April 2013

Character animation class

If you are considering to learn 3d animation I would recommend the new animation class at Animation School Hamburg. Starting in May with the possibility to join until mid-May as long as places are available.
Below a scene by the animation workshop's tutor Frank Spalteholz.

"Wir starten einen neuen Character Animation Workshop (Softimage/Maya) mit unserem Dozenten Frank Spalteholz. Die Schwerpunkte liegen auf den Basics für Einsteiger, Body Mechanics und Acting/Lipsynch.
Der Kurs startet Anfang Mai, Interessenten können bis Mitte Mai dazustoßen, solange noch Plätze frei sind. Anmeldungen ab sofort möglich!"

17 April 2013

Caterpillar wip continued

I had a tough time with this guy. One step forward, two steps back. The uv unwrapping was quite easy to do, but during modeling the morph maps I didn't recognize I messed the uv layout up. The mesh flow around the mouth is not the best for modeling facial expressions. It took me a long time to close his big smiley mouth and it still has surface issues (not in this picture). I changed the texture and the size of the iris today, much better.

09 April 2013

Caterpillar wip

There he is, my cute little fellow. I had to add the inside of the mouth to the model, as I want to model/sculpt some facial expressions later. After finishing that I UV unwrapped this guy and started painting the texture. Looks good so far ...

05 April 2013

My shark

Made a few shark character designs for a project, not sure if it will proceed and can be posted here, so I thought I could make a digital painting of one of the sketches.

21 March 2013

Posing in 3d

Here are some of my attempts to get a 3d character in pose. In fact this can't be called a pose, it's just a deformation of the leg to show that it finally worked (which can't be taken for granted). It's my third or fourth attempt, first I tried Maya with a basic rig on my 3d caterpillar character, then I switched to Modo and went through the "Fireboy Tutorial". Well, it looks so simple, but you can make a mess out of it. The fireboy was both enlightening and disappointing, the posetool didn't work in the file I created and I have no chance to figure out why. When I move something with posetool active, everything slows down until it's stuck, no controlled movement possible. All I wanted to do was moving a 3d model in a different than the default t-pose. So I went back to the start and took a simple character, my cartoon dog.

20 March 2013

Klops festival screenings

Next date for a "Klops" screening will be the ITFS 2013 April 25 at 5:00 pm, Metropol 1 in Stuttgart. We will be there so please feel free to come by and say hello!

Klops is also in the "super short" competition at "Golden Kuker Sofia International Animation Film Fest" in May and "Mo&Friese Kinder KurzfilmFestival Hamburg" in June. I think Sofia is a little bit too far to attend, but I will post the Hamburg screening date as soon as we get informed.

11 March 2013

BG wip

Trying out some watercolor look for a project.

17 February 2013

Birthday greetings

A big hug goes to my super talented animation mate Daniel: Happy birthday!!!

11 February 2013

Cute caterpillar

I finally finished modeling my 3d character that I set up in animation schools modeling class. I had to interrupt for working on a clients project (that I didn't like at all). Now I found the time to refine and reshape my own project and I am happy how it turned out.

06 February 2013


Good news!
Our films will be screened at Eureka! Tainan International Children's Film Festival, it will be an international premiere for both "Burnout" and "Ethak". That's amazing!
Take a look at Eureka's website, there are stills from our films on the homepage.

23 January 2013


Just a little peek at a commissioned work.

Update: Final version of a rarely spotted 

nude northern german dike sheep.

16 January 2013