28 September 2012

3D Lighthouse

My last project from modeling class 2011. I have a lack of talent or expertise in lighting/rendering, but at least the models turned out fine.

24 September 2012

3D Street scene

Modeling exercise from 2011.

18 September 2012

Emma App

Here is a little animation I made for a childrens book app for wpMediendesign.
It's cute little bear-girl Emma from Illustrator Jutta Bauer.
I animated Emma's introduction scene for the app "Emma isst" (engl. "Emma eats").
You can buy the lovely app for iPad/iPod touch or iPhone here.

This is the original introduction scene from the App:
Intro "Emma isst" from Bianca Meier on Vimeo.

16 September 2012

arte creative competition

Watch and rate for "Klops" on arte's creative short film competition.
The award winning short was originally and truly made in 24 hours by 10 graduates from Animation School Hamburg. This is the edited version, hope you enjoy it!

15 September 2012

The louse and the flea, Grimmland short film competition

We did it again! Vote for our newest short film for the Grimmland short film competition here (extremely low resolution!) and here on the arte creative site in high res. Votes on both sites are highly appreciated!

the Louse and the Flea from Daniel Leyva on Vimeo.

14 September 2012

Köln Comedy Kurzfilmfestival 2012

"Klops" won in the International Competition of the 24 Hour filmrace the award for Best Animation and became 2nd runner up for Best Film.
Today I received an email that "Klops" is invited to take part in the "Köln Comedy Kurzfilmfestival 2012" (Cologne Comedy Short Film Festival)! It will be screened both at the festival and on the german tv channel einsfestival!

Klops from Animation School Hamburg on Vimeo.

03 September 2012



I recognized hippos appear almost weightless under water and therefore seem predestined for a life in space. Maybe.  

02 September 2012

... more dog sketches and a 3D wip

The last pic shows a personal 3D project wip, an attempt to model a "simple" character as a Maya exercise. 
By the way tomorrow starts a new 3D modeling class at Animation School Hamburg and i am the lucky new tutor! But only in September, as long as Lukas isn't available. So nice to see there is something happening after a three months gap in 3D class. 
So if any of you is interested in learning 3D with Maya, come and join us as soon as possible!