08 June 2012

Klops redux, Hamburg Animation Award

Times is running. Busy days passed by and a lot of deadlines. 

The good news is, yesterday we had a "Klops" (24hour filmracing entry) meeting in the animation school and it seems we can finish it soon. Daniel made many corrections so far and Rino made some final touches in After Effects. Now we have a version without errors. Its amazing what you can find each time watching again! The eye color was sticking on a seat and I didn't notice it before. The film is a few seconds longer now, but way better.
For those who think "now it is not a 24 hour project anymore, isn't it cheating?". We all wanted to have a nice version, as it is explicitly allowed to apply for other festivals. We think festival jurys won't care that we made it in 24 hours and had to leave some mistakes. So we put the information in the credits that it is a revised version.

Unfortunately we already missed some festival deadlines, so we have to hurry up in order to see Ethak and Klops participate.

Next week is show time, the Hamburg Animation Award takes place on Tuesday 12 June.
Maren and Mareikje got a nomination for their graduation film "Bootyful".
In connection to the Hamburg Animation Award there will be a business event called "Animation Jam" on Wednesday 13 June. Me, Daniel and some other graduates from animation school will present examples of our work on the jam stage. 
Entry is free for visitors and today is the last  chance to register.
Christian Schellewald, art director of Dreamworks' "Puss in boots" will be guest speaker, so don't miss it!

And a little sketch I made today.

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