20 May 2012

sleepless filmmaking

A group of fresh and old (but still sexy) Animation School graduates joined me and Daniel to be part of the 24 hour filmrace. In fact I was the oldest in this team. I just wanted to describe the fact, that we are all graduates from Animation School Hamburg, but from different classes/years. :D

We had no idea what to expect before the announcement of the theme, prop and action. Is it possible for us, to make an animated short without missing the deadline, especially for Daniel and me, only in 24 hours???

We were well prepared, 3 talented animators/designers, at least 4 bg artists/designers, 2 extremely skilled compositors and not to forget, the man who works at night to make the sound.

All went extreeeemly well and at the end we could hardly believe we managed to make this wonderful little film. It's hard for us, but all participating teams are asked to wait until after the judging is completed, before sharing with the public. So this is just a little preview.

Thanks to all of you, who ignored the need to sleep at night and instead pushed yourselves to make a wonderful film!!! I had never imagined we could be such a great team and I enjoyed every sleepless hour with you super talented people!

You can read Sabine's post about the competition here.

The Team ASH:
Sabine Koops
Janina Putzker
Mareikje Kersting
Maren Collet
Rino Pelli 
Ellena Korth
Regina Haselhorst
Ben Pripad 
Daniel Leya
Christian Seim
and me

Finally some production pictures, thanks Rino :)

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