08 May 2012

Me and my lady bike

Hamburg is a great city to go nearly everywhere by bike. But there is one thing, that annoys me here (whether I walk or use my car or my bicycle): reckless and aggressive traffic participants, not only car drivers. I have even seen a biker, who punched a pedestrian in the face for standing on the cycle path too long (and the biker even yelled "you fucking tourist bitch" at him, well that's St. Pauli).
Last year I used to cycle the one-way distance of 10 km to Animation School regularly. That makes about 45 minutes of unpleasant situations, for me. I had to stop repeatedly abrupt on that route, because drivers were cutting off my way and drove by without even noticing me.
There was more than one critical situation and I wished I could fight against those unthoughtful drivers. Here is what came into my mind and my WIP.

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