14 March 2012

A caterpillar's life part 2

Some research and design for the other characters for my short film idea. I have also plenty of panels from the storyboard, but haven't scanned them yet. This will be very time consuming, but I hope to manage that when I have some spare time and show you examples of it in another post.

13 March 2012

A caterpillar's life part 1

Some designs of the main character for a short film idea.

12 March 2012

Cartoon Movie, Centre de Congrès Lyon

Marika, facing the hostile environment.

10 March 2012

Back from Cartoon Movie 2012 in Lyon!

Wow, that was amazing!
My first look inside the european animation business and the possibility to see animation projects in concept, development, production or completed.
And lucky to get to know other students from animation schools from Germany and France.
Thanks to Manni, project manager of the Animation School Hamburg, for involving Marika and me in Cartoon Movie. It's an animation trade fair in Lyon, France. I really enjoyed all the nice feature film pitchings and of course the possibility to watch Wrinkles and Zarafa in full length, as I am not sure they will make it to german cinema screens.

05 March 2012

"Ethak" layouts part 2

"Ethak" layouts part 1

As promised more artworks from the "Ethak" animation.
These are some concepts for layouts. I used a mixture of watercolors and Photoshop.
They are WIP as the final look and positions of the single layers will be defined in the compositing process.

04 March 2012

"Ethak" Characters

Nomad design by Daniel Leyva, coloring by me. 

Based on the nomad character design I developed the other characters in a similar style. There is no main character in the story, so I tried to keep them simple and discreet, just a few basic lines and curves. Another aspect was ignoring a proper perspective and having more 2d than 3d in mind. Hope you like them.