29 February 2012

animation exercise

The animation module at Animation School Hamburg lasts 8 weeks, packed with the basics of (hand drawn) animation. We were extremely lucky to have Tobias Schwarz to hold our lectures. He is an internationally experienced animator and story artist and I enjoyed every single day of it.
For our last exercise we took a dialogue from the 11 Second Club and created an animatic with key poses. Here are some poses and a painting of my goose character.


24 February 2012

character ideas

I drew a lot of characters for our many different story ideas as graduation project.
The setup here was some kind of crime milieu with a dumb chameleon and a dead fly on the bosses' favourite cake. Mmm, not much elaborated, I guess that's the reason we discarded this idea soon. I checked the date of origin and these were made before Rango came out.

21 February 2012

"Burnout" character design part 2

First color concept of the tiny snowman, the character I animated in "Burnout". The colors in this image would be much too bright for the big screen, so we choose a more pale blue. The stripes in the cap were discarded too, as I was told that all kind of patterns are hell to animate. Thanks for the advice, Daniel!


"Burnout" character designs part 1

Here are my designs for the boy, col-erase sketches with some posing and facial expressions. One color concept on an old design. Since we were new to animation, the final animated and cleaned characters differ from the concepts a lot. It's hard to keep characters on model.

Early designs with a much taller boy.

Mash-up of the boy and Godzilla.

20 February 2012

"Burnout" Background Art

Some very nice background art from "Burnout".
The first three pics were my first serious attempts to paint digitally. I was very happy about the result, particularly the tree. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make all backgrounds by myself, because I wasn't experienced enough and so it was too time consuming. The last three pics show my favourite bgs Ellena Korth painted for us. She is an illustrator and also graduate from Animation School Hamburg.

"Burnout" layouts

My layout for the establishing shot from our graduation film "Burnout".

Concept for a layout.

18 February 2012

Welcome to my blog!

My first post here is the picture from my 2012 new year's message I sent to my friends and family. First time I thought about starting a blog was about 2010 in my 2d class at animation school. Time was running out as we were busy working on our graduate animation short films.
Without interruption I participated immediately 3d class, highly focused on moving vertices and ball characters in Maya, which is quite time consuming as well. 

Now you can watch how this place gets filled up with all my art and animation related stuff. This will take some time, as I am working on an animated short again, but I will definitely keep it up. In the meantime take a look at my portfolio for animation school.