11 December 2012

Animateka sketchbook

It was a pleasure to be invited to Animateka in Ljubljana!
We enjoyed the screening of Klops in the childrens competition and had fun answering the questions of our audience. 
Ljubljana is a beautiful city, the Animateka staff is very kind and passionate and the Slovenian people are also very open minded and lovely. We enjoyed our stay and hopefully see you next time around or at some other festivals!

Made some sketches during the "Meet the filmmakers" sessions and working breakfasts.

23 November 2012

Quick coloring

Not enough cute dogs around here? I wish I had a pet like this.

07 November 2012

family portraits ;)

Beautiful drawings from my family short visit in Southern Germany last week.
The artists: Frieda, Anton and Ferdinand.
I'm the huge pink blob with a T on my belly, the tiny green one is Ferdinand, my 4 year old nephew. Love the expressions ♥

04 November 2012

Slovenia calling!

Klops has been chosen for the "Elephant International Children Competition Programme" at Animateka International Animated Film Festival 2012 which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 3rd and 9th December 2012!

24 October 2012

We need your votes!

Thanks to the Goethe Institut "The louse and the flea" had its international premiere screening on VIEWFest 2012 in Turin. Actually this is our first succesfull festival entry and I am really happy that we made it so far, thank you all!
Please check this link and give us your vote if you liked "The louse and the flea". 
Voting is open until 21 November 2012.

10 October 2012

01 October 2012

3D Dog

Finally i finished a 3d character model, rendered with mental ray.

28 September 2012

3D Lighthouse

My last project from modeling class 2011. I have a lack of talent or expertise in lighting/rendering, but at least the models turned out fine.

24 September 2012

3D Street scene

Modeling exercise from 2011.

18 September 2012

Emma App

Here is a little animation I made for a childrens book app for wpMediendesign.
It's cute little bear-girl Emma from Illustrator Jutta Bauer.
I animated Emma's introduction scene for the app "Emma isst" (engl. "Emma eats").
You can buy the lovely app for iPad/iPod touch or iPhone here.

This is the original introduction scene from the App:
Intro "Emma isst" from Bianca Meier on Vimeo.

16 September 2012

arte creative competition

Watch and rate for "Klops" on arte's creative short film competition.
The award winning short was originally and truly made in 24 hours by 10 graduates from Animation School Hamburg. This is the edited version, hope you enjoy it!

15 September 2012

The louse and the flea, Grimmland short film competition

We did it again! Vote for our newest short film for the Grimmland short film competition here (extremely low resolution!) and here on the arte creative site in high res. Votes on both sites are highly appreciated!

the Louse and the Flea from Daniel Leyva on Vimeo.

14 September 2012

Köln Comedy Kurzfilmfestival 2012

"Klops" won in the International Competition of the 24 Hour filmrace the award for Best Animation and became 2nd runner up for Best Film.
Today I received an email that "Klops" is invited to take part in the "Köln Comedy Kurzfilmfestival 2012" (Cologne Comedy Short Film Festival)! It will be screened both at the festival and on the german tv channel einsfestival!

Klops from Animation School Hamburg on Vimeo.

03 September 2012



I recognized hippos appear almost weightless under water and therefore seem predestined for a life in space. Maybe.  

02 September 2012

... more dog sketches and a 3D wip

The last pic shows a personal 3D project wip, an attempt to model a "simple" character as a Maya exercise. 
By the way tomorrow starts a new 3D modeling class at Animation School Hamburg and i am the lucky new tutor! But only in September, as long as Lukas isn't available. So nice to see there is something happening after a three months gap in 3D class. 
So if any of you is interested in learning 3D with Maya, come and join us as soon as possible!

21 August 2012

16 July 2012

marshmallow kid

Daniel, please come back and animate a nice flame for the kid!
Update: the kid has been revised by juicefoozle. Much better now!
He also made a nice rough animation of the flame which I am working on at the moment.

16 June 2012

Line doodles

  I got a sheet with some random lines from Daniel and this is the result.

15 June 2012

Explorer WIP

Below Daniel's contribution to what he calls "Ducksplorer".
Any storytelling suggestions?

14 June 2012

Animation Jam

Have you seen Daniel and me on the Jam Stage yesterday?
We gave an insight in our graduation films Burnout and Dystopia, the Ethak intro, Klops and future animation projects like the Animation School trailer we want to produce.
Unfortunately powerpoint displayed some of the film clips incorrectly.
I have no idea if the audience could enjoy our presentation, so feel free to give us feedback.

08 June 2012

Klops redux, Hamburg Animation Award

Times is running. Busy days passed by and a lot of deadlines. 

The good news is, yesterday we had a "Klops" (24hour filmracing entry) meeting in the animation school and it seems we can finish it soon. Daniel made many corrections so far and Rino made some final touches in After Effects. Now we have a version without errors. Its amazing what you can find each time watching again! The eye color was sticking on a seat and I didn't notice it before. The film is a few seconds longer now, but way better.
For those who think "now it is not a 24 hour project anymore, isn't it cheating?". We all wanted to have a nice version, as it is explicitly allowed to apply for other festivals. We think festival jurys won't care that we made it in 24 hours and had to leave some mistakes. So we put the information in the credits that it is a revised version.

Unfortunately we already missed some festival deadlines, so we have to hurry up in order to see Ethak and Klops participate.

Next week is show time, the Hamburg Animation Award takes place on Tuesday 12 June.
Maren and Mareikje got a nomination for their graduation film "Bootyful".
In connection to the Hamburg Animation Award there will be a business event called "Animation Jam" on Wednesday 13 June. Me, Daniel and some other graduates from animation school will present examples of our work on the jam stage. 
Entry is free for visitors and today is the last  chance to register.
Christian Schellewald, art director of Dreamworks' "Puss in boots" will be guest speaker, so don't miss it!

And a little sketch I made today.

26 May 2012

Sneak peek

Some concept art for the next project. This will be the first time we combine 2D and 3D elements. As this is just the concept stage, the look and style of the backgrounds and animation have still to be defined. But first come a lot of paperwork and online researches for festivals, where we want to submit our two shorts "Ethak" and "Klops". Would be a great success for us, if we could present our work to a festival audience. Oh, and I forgot, we are still working on both films, some minor changes and improvements are still left to do.

20 May 2012

sleepless filmmaking

A group of fresh and old (but still sexy) Animation School graduates joined me and Daniel to be part of the 24 hour filmrace. In fact I was the oldest in this team. I just wanted to describe the fact, that we are all graduates from Animation School Hamburg, but from different classes/years. :D

We had no idea what to expect before the announcement of the theme, prop and action. Is it possible for us, to make an animated short without missing the deadline, especially for Daniel and me, only in 24 hours???

We were well prepared, 3 talented animators/designers, at least 4 bg artists/designers, 2 extremely skilled compositors and not to forget, the man who works at night to make the sound.

All went extreeeemly well and at the end we could hardly believe we managed to make this wonderful little film. It's hard for us, but all participating teams are asked to wait until after the judging is completed, before sharing with the public. So this is just a little preview.

Thanks to all of you, who ignored the need to sleep at night and instead pushed yourselves to make a wonderful film!!! I had never imagined we could be such a great team and I enjoyed every sleepless hour with you super talented people!

You can read Sabine's post about the competition here.

The Team ASH:
Sabine Koops
Janina Putzker
Mareikje Kersting
Maren Collet
Rino Pelli 
Ellena Korth
Regina Haselhorst
Ben Pripad 
Daniel Leya
Christian Seim
and me

Finally some production pictures, thanks Rino :)