29 July 2015

From my sketchbook, redesigned in Photoshop.

08 July 2015

Welcome pic

Working on my new website: biancameier.de!
It's still under construction, no illustration work section yet, because I am slowly figuring out how everything works. Feel free to take a look and enjoy the more structured presentation of my work. The website is built with help from my friend Franzi and the free cms indexhibit.

07 May 2015

Giant panda/bamboo cover

Another illustration for a Kosmos experimental set: it's for the cover of a bamboo cultivation set for kids. 
The Kosmos page says it's available from May this year, so it think it's ok to show the final illustration and the sketch now. 
I used Photoshop for sketching and coloring and Manga Studio for the outlines.

07 April 2015

Squirrel gif/flipbook

One idea from Fork was a squirrel, sliding down the christmas tree, getting electrified while biting in the light chain. I thought it would be funny to give it a rubberhose animation style and look. So Daniel made this lovely character design and animation and they loved it. Thanks mate!

24 February 2015

Sketches for gif/flipbook work

First draft from the character design work for the "Hipster" gif/flipbook from last year. Definitely not at all hipster enough! The initial idea was to grow a beard, then it changed to making the guy turn into Santa Claus and then I had the idea about this geeky hipster getting sucked in by his smartphone... and Santa popping up.