27 August 2017

Spielplatz Skizzen

Es wird Zeit, die Skizzenbücher aufzufüllen.
Nach einer fast 2-jährigen Pause vom Blog, die ich vorwiegend digital zeichnend verbracht habe, merke ich, dass mir die Übung fehlt. Da ich aber voraussichtlich bald als Dozentin unterrichten werde, versuche ich mal als gutes Beispiel voranzugehen und meine alten Skizzenbücher (und diesen Blog) zu reaktivieren.

29 July 2015

From my sketchbook, redesigned in Photoshop.

08 July 2015

Welcome pic

Working on my new website: biancameier.de!
It's still under construction, no illustration work section yet, because I am slowly figuring out how everything works. Feel free to take a look and enjoy the more structured presentation of my work. The website is built with help from my friend Franzi and the free cms indexhibit.

07 May 2015

Giant panda/bamboo cover

Another illustration for a Kosmos experimental set: it's for the cover of a bamboo cultivation set for kids. 
The Kosmos page says it's available from May this year, so it think it's ok to show the final illustration and the sketch now. 
I used Photoshop for sketching and coloring and Manga Studio for the outlines.

07 April 2015

Squirrel gif/flipbook

One idea from Fork was a squirrel, sliding down the christmas tree, getting electrified while biting in the light chain. I thought it would be funny to give it a rubberhose animation style and look. So Daniel made this lovely character design and animation and they loved it. Thanks mate!